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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why should Sen. Lisa Murkowski run as 3rd party?

1. Education:
Scott McAdams -- He of course is number 1
He has the back ground in education to get the job done.
Public Education -- As a product of Alaska’s public schools, Scott knows that Alaskans know what is best for Alaska’s children. He favors local control of America’s schools and will work to streamline the Bush administration’s No Child Left Behind law which gives Washington excessive control over Alaska’s schools. He will fight to return control to Alaska’s parents and educators and for adequate funding for Alaska’s special education needs. Scott served on the Sitka School Board, three times being elected chairman by his fellow board members. He helped shape state education policy as president of the Association of Alaska School Boards and was appointed to the National School Board Association, where he helped convince the organization to support Alaska Native language instruction.
Alaska's Universities a Key to Economic Prosperity -- Scott graduated from Sheldon Jackson College and believes that strong colleges and universities build strong, economically-diverse communities. Alaskans deserve continued support for a university strong in academics, research and teaching, career and technical education, and support for students. Scott will push for funding for scientific and technical research and new partnerships to expand federal agency research in Alaska.
Better Train Alaska's Workforce -- As the mayor of Sitka, Scott has seen the challenges of finding trained workers for public service, resource development, construction, health care, aviation and other jobs. Many of these jobs require some post-secondary education but not a four-year degree. That's why Scott will seek increased funding for middle and high school career and technical programs and teacher recruitment and more federal support for vocational education programs. Read more

Sen. Lisa Murkowsk
Senator Murkowski has focused her attention on fighting and fixing one-size-fits-all mandates from Washington, D.C. and that Congress addresses the problems we encounter due to our state's unique characteristics. Read more

While Jim Miller doesn't even include education on his website as a issue.


2. Healthcare
Scott McAdams -- He of course is number 1

Alaskans face unique health care needs, including higher costs, doctor shortages and great distances required to travel for proper medical care. With about 20 percent of Alaskans living on the edge with no health insurance, Scott believes there are still too many gaps for Alaska families to fall through. The 14- month health care debate in Congress exposed the partisan bickering and special interests Scott will work against. He will fight to increase reimbursement rates so Alaska seniors on Medicare can find a doctor and will support new private sector efforts to launch Medicare clinics for seniors. He favors expanding Alaska’s Denali KidCare program which provides health care to 25,000 low income children and pregnant women. He will fight special deals and protections for the pharmaceutical industry that keep drug costs high and will push for more cost containment strategies to bring skyrocketing health care costs under control. Read more

Sen. Lisa Murkowski
Sen. Murkowski voted against the Senate version when it came before the chamber late last year and opposed the companion reconciliation measure as well.

Jim Miller -- I support the repeal of ObamaCare. First and foremost, there is no Constitutional authority for it. Currently nearly half of the state governments have filed suit in federal court because they share this view.

3. Grow the Economy
Scott McAdams -- He of course is number 1
As a former deckhand in Alaska’s fishing industry, Scott knows the importance of the sustainable and responsible development of Alaska’s natural resources. After years of incorrect U.S. policy that shipped too many American jobs overseas, Scott favors policies that keep American jobs at home. Scott will work to expand opportunities for small business, which comprise the backbone of a prosperous Alaska economy. Although Alaska’s economy has done better during the international recession than most in the Lower 48, Scott believes much more action is necessary to grow the economy to create jobs for Alaskans. Alaska has an unprecedented opportunity right now to develop its considerable resources and launch a new energy economy for Alaska that will create good-paying, reliable jobs for decades to come. Scott knows the foundation of Alaska’s economy is the private sector; government’s role is to create a pro-business climate and provide the infrastructure for business to thrive. Read more
Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Joe Miller do not have this as a issue on their websites.


If you would like to read more about the Democrat Scott McAdams click here

Why I hope Sen. Lisa Murkowski runs as a 3rd party because like to see both Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Jim Miller on the ballet -- wouldn't that be so cool. My family is very education based and at least Sen. Lisa Murkowski considers education as an issue.

Alaskans you must help Democrat Scott McAdams win this Novemeber. He is the best for the job -- All democrats help the little people more that any of the Republicans will ever even think about. Democrat Scott McAdams's website discusses a lot more issues than I can put on this blog entry, so please go to his website and read all about him and then pass this information on. Don't forget to click here to see Democrat Scott McAdams's website!


*I was not paid for this post.

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