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Monday, September 6, 2010

Get out and Vote!

Back in November 2008, the message of “Get out and Vote” was everywhere. Now it is even more beneficial for Democratic to get out and vote in the upcoming November 2010.

We all know it will be hard to get everyone, who voting in November 2008, out to vote for the midterm election. However, we all need to put the same entry level we did in November 2008 in for the November 2010 election.

We need to start talking about why it is best for our country to not only support Democrats but actually go out and vote for them. We need to get out why Democrats are better than the Republicans. We can get this job done, but everyone needs to work together.

One small way you all are already helping is by making comments on blogs, this helps get the message heard even more. The more it’s out there the more people will see it.

Another way to help is by discrediting the Republicans and what they stand for.

Please remember that everyone has different opinions and this is great; however, right now the best thing a Democrat can do (to help us not only keep the House and Senate in November, but win even more seats so we can really get things done) is stick together. Right now is not the time to discredit any of the democrats, yes some are moderate democrats, but they are still democrats and any democrat is better than any republican when it come to the numbers we need in November.

We need to get the message of how the democrats have helped the people of this Country in the past years.

Please place your comments on how the democrats helped us below.


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  1. The right has been waging a campaign of misinformation, distortion, and downright lies. We need to keep putting the truth out there. If we are going to keep the country on the right path, it is up to us to keep a presence on the internet and anywhere else in public for starters. Also, like the saying goes, all politics is local. We all need to join local committees and do what we can where we are.

  2. please listen to this -- it was made for November 2008 -- but it still works for today!

    Remember Vote Democrat November 2010

  3. Also watch this one real said