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Friday, September 10, 2010

How to Join a Young Democrats Group?

How to Join a Young Democrats Group

By an eHow Contributor

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Exposure to politics can start at any age. Generally, individuals are exposed to politics through the views of their parents. During high school, students begin to question the beliefs of their parents and start to establish their own personal politics. If you need more information about the Democratic Party or are interested in joining or starting a Young Democrat Group, look no further.


1. Check your high school's list of clubs for a Young Democrat group. The members can teach you about the Democratic Party. Join if you are interested or just ask questions about what they stand for.

2. Participate in political activities and events. College and universities are often the center of political movements. Get involved. If you are interested in learning more about the Democrat Party, the school's Student Life and Recreation office can help you find a Young Democrat chapter.

3. Create your own Young Democrat Group. If your school does not have a group to fit your interests, set up a group of your own. Visit to get started (see Resources below). From any page, scroll down to the "Tools and Resources" box. It is located on the left side of the page. Click the "Tools and Resources." The link takes you to a page that explains what help is available to you when starting a local Young Democrat chapter.

4. Find a local Young Democrats of America chapter. Enter your zip code in the "Find a Chapter" box at the very top of the organization's homepage. The site pulls up a list of chapters in your area. Use the contact information to get involved locally.

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Let me add something! We need to get all the young Democrats active. We need them to realize how important it is for them to vote in November. It starts with the Young -- if you can get them to vote every election, then they in return will teach their children how important it is to vote and this will help for generations to come.
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