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Monday, September 6, 2010

11 Reasons to vote for Kentucky's John William “Jack” Conway

John William “Jack” Conway

1. Jack has a plan to cut the deficit!

2. Jack wants to give Medicare the ability to negotiate for bulk rate discounts on prescription drugs, saving about $200 billion.

3. Jack wants the first piece of legislation for him to introduce to be that of repealing the deal for the pharmaceutical industry. A report by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare estimates this would save $200 Billion over ten years.”

4. Jack wants to create state-level Medicare fraud task forces. They would be able to find waste, fraud, abuse, and detect billing irregularities -- because they will be familiar with the provider networks.

5. Jack wants to close the corporate tax loopholes and shut down offshore tax shelters. This way the big corporations will pay their fair share and create jobs in Kentucky.

6. “Jack’s record as Attorney General demonstrates that he is the candidate voters can trust to get results when it comes saving taxpayers’ money. Jack has saved Kentucky taxpayers over $200 million by taking on big drug and oil companies.”

7. Jack has a plan that will help the small businesses. please go here for more information

8. Jack wants to create a loan fund for the Small Businesses -- (new spending, not TARP)

9. Jack wants to cut the red tape and reduce the paperwork for small businesses.

10. “Jack supports health care reform, Social Security and Medicare, and will always fight to protect these programs.” “As Attorney General, Jack has protected Kentucky seniors from elder abuse, tripling the number of elder abuse cases investigated. He’s also saved over $100 million of taxpayers’ money and kept prescription drug prices low by suing big pharmaceutical companies who overcharged Kentucky’s Medicaid program.”

11. As a United States Senator, Jack will make sure that Wall Street reform: puts consumers first, prevents any institution from becoming “too big to fail” ever again, and protects taxpayers from excessive risk-taking in the financial system.

You can read more about John William “Jack” Conway for yourself at his website.

*I was not paid to post this blog entry, just trying to get the information out there.*

This is the first of blog entries about the Democrats running this November 2010. Please email me at if you have a candidate you would like for me to research and post about.


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