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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

November Election: As I See It!

As I see it this November is one of the most important mid-term election in a very long time.

The choice is clear! Do we continue moving forward, albeit slowly or do we give up the ship and go back to the failed policies that the Republicans pushed from 2001-2005.

Let's take a look at what we can expect from a Republican congress.

First, Social security will be in jeopardy, remember the Republicans wanted to privatize social security, imagine if that happened we would have all lost our security when wall street collapsed.

Second, the republicans would also want to end unemployment benefits. They have already tried that twice.

Third, they may even start another war based on lies like Iraq to divert our attention from the Republicans robbing us blind by Giving tax cuts to the rich while everyone else suffers.

Fourth, when the Republicans were in control the rich got richer, the poor got poorer and the middle class virtually disappeared.

Yes my friends, the choice is clear and now it is up to you. I am asking all my fellow liberal and moderate Democrats to make sure and vote in November and keep this country moving in the right direction. Actually, I am not asking I am begging you do not let the Evil Republicans get back in charge they almost destroyed this country once, please don't give them a second chance.


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  1. I thought the Republicans were in power 2001-2008?

    Regarding "First" - Social Security would not be in jeopardy. The privitization plan was to allow those contributing to Social Security, to have the Freedom of Choice, to put aside 10% of their contributions into whatever vehicle they chose - ie they would have control of 10% of their contributions. It would not be mandatory - it would be volunteer.

    It seems if the Left is so in favor of Choice, they would allow The People to decide for themselves how to invest their money.

    If one believes there really is some 'trust fund' with social security money in it, I suppose they also believe in the tooth fairy.

    Regarding 'Second' - surely you meant 'unemployment benefits' rather than saying the Republicans would want to end unemployment?

    The last paragraph has a unintended pun in it - keep this country moving in the Right direction?

  2. Thanks for pointing out my deleting the word "benefits" -- that really changed the meaning of my comment (lol).

    I'm sure Democrates and Republicans both would love to end unemployment -- the difference is we both have different ways of doing it.

  3. Go to this link to read the following article, DEMOCRATS RETAKE CONGRESS, which starts out as “Democrats took control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate for the first time in a dozen years in the 2006 midterm elections, and President Bush and top Democrats quickly promised to get along despite a rancorous campaign.”

    Unfortunately, this did not happen and Former President Bush vetoed almost everything we did to better this country.

  4. Social Security
    • Privatizing Social Security will slash guaranteed benefits. Young workers will face a 40 percent cut in their Social Security benefits, even if they choose not to have a private account.
    • Privatizing Social Security will not allow you to control the money in your private accounts. Politicians will pick Wall Street firms to control your investment accounts.
    • Privatizing Social security will further threaten the program’s solvency. Simply diverting Social Security payroll taxes into private accounts would seriously weaken the system’s finances. Even President Bush has admitted his plan does nothing to improve Social Security’s solvency.
    • Privatizing Social Security will saddle our children with $4.9 trillion in debt over the first 20 years alone, most of which we would owe to foreign countries